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                      Damascus, May 21: In a heart-rending story, a 5-year-old Syrian boy succumbed to injuries in a hospital before he uttered his last “extremely-touching” words. The little boy said, “I’m gonna tell God everything”, minutes before he left the world. His last pics have gone viral on social media sites like Facebook and Twitter. According to a recent report, three million Syrians in Aleppo city have been deprived of drinking water for nine straight days as the rebels have cut off water supplies, Prolonged exposure to violence and stress, multiple displacement, loss of friends and family members, and a severe deterioration in living conditions are leaving children in Syria with lasting scars, the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) had said last year. “Parents report that their children are experiencing frequent nightmares and exhibiting reckless and aggressive behaviours. Bedwetting is common and children have become more withdrawn and clingy. Their drawings are often violent and angry with images of bloodshed, explosions and destruction,” Maria Calivis, Unicef regional director for the Middle East and North Africa, had said.

about us

                  A Syrian Christian family with 2 kids 5 years boy and 7 years girl , are in a colony where the civil war in Syria is active . The kids are in their world , happy and not bothered about civil war . The boy is playing  with ants , his mom warns him that “ ants will complain to god , if you pain them “. Just then there is a big lightning of a bomb blast sceen from the window , the dad closes the window , the television warns that the colony they are living is under attack and any thing can happen . The kids world is disturbed . The brutal militant groups are not bothered about even kids and women The parents prepares the kids for death any time . One day the whole family dies of a bomb blast leaving the boy  injured and admitted in hospital . An American doctor becomes friend with kid at a international charity hospital . There are  few militants from both groups also go admitted in the hospital .  They are still arguing on their ideologies . The kid is in his last days , he understands the brutality of human beings in the world with little brain.Before his death the kid utters his last words

“ I’m gonna tell god every thing “

       the militants of both the groups and the hospital staff looks touched .